Do you see the world through a profound focal point? Is it accurate to say that you are entranced by the convergence of religion and legislative issues?

Religious and profound composition runs a wide extent from hard news answering to way of life pieces for specific religious socioeconomics.

Regardless of whether you’re keen on composing explicitly on religious themes or searching for gatherings of people who comprehend what position you’re maintaining, these 43 distributions are a decent place to begin.

The rundown incorporates sites, scholarly diaries and magazines from an assortment of otherworldly viewpoints, and best of all? They pay their scholars.

New to outsourcing? Ensure you know the nuts and bolts about who and how to pitch before you connect with a production.

1. First Things

Distributed by the Institute on Religion and Public Life, First Things is a traditionalist and strong production which offers transcendently Christian and Jewish points of view. It acknowledges assessment pieces, included articles and book audits in print and on the web. As indicated by the accommodation rules, it offers a honorarium for authors.

2. The Forward

The Forward offers political and social inclusion for points pertinent to the American Jewish people group. As indicated by its givers page, “Charges contrast contingent upon the planned medium, segment and the work being referred to.”

3. America

This is a Jesuit-run distribution with a Roman Catholic group of onlookers. It distributes detailed pieces, individual papers and verse on governmental issues, confidence, expressions and culture with a religious or good point. Per Writer’s Market, it pays aggressive rates.


Tricycle is a noteworthy quarterly magazine which investigates different sorts of Buddhist thoughts. It likewise pays for quality online substance. Installments begin at $100 for posts and $200 for audits, as indicated by a manager.

5. Guideposts

Guideposts is most known for its persuasive individual accounts of how people “defeated hindrances, transcended disappointments, took care of distress, increased new profound understanding, and turned out to be more powerful individuals through confidence in God.” The month to month magazine likewise offers way of life posts, on anything from formulas to child rearing tips. Pays $100-500 for each piece.

6. Christian Century

Christian Century is an every other week print magazine covering points significant to dynamic Protestants. It will take articles and verse. Pays $100-300 for spontaneous articles and $50 per ballad.

7. Azizah Magazine

A quarterly print magazine for Muslim ladies, Azizah covering accounts of helpful ladies, way of life issues from cash to nourishment and confidence reflections. It pays aggressive rates.

8. Seek after Women

This every other month way of life magazine targets Christian ladies. Consider it an otherworldly form of Redbook or Woman’s Day. Pays 10 to 20 pennies for each word.

9. Picture Journal

Picture is a lovely print abstract diary exhibiting composing and craftsmanship that is not really religious in subject, but rather confidence educated. It takes fiction, genuine and verse. Pays $10 per page for true to life and fiction and $2 per line for verse.

10. Pertinent Magazine

An every other month way of life magazine for Christians in their 30s. Pertinent calls itself dynamic, however it’s still philosophically moderate and focuses on an Evangelical gathering of people. Applicable does not pay for web articles, but rather it improves the situation pieces in the print magazine.

religious productions

11. U.S. Catholic

U.S. Catholic is a month to month magazine for an American Catholic gathering of people which centers around social equity and popular culture. It pays at least $200 for genuine and fiction, and $75 for verse.

12. The War Cry

Distributed by the Salvation Army, the War Cry gives rousing posts that fit inside the mission of the charitable. Pays 35 pennies for each word.

13. Lady Alive

Lady Alive is a UK-based Christian way of life magazine for ladies. Its patron rules records current standard rates begin at £70 for a one-page article (750-900 words), £95 for two pages (1200-1300 words) and £125 for three-page articles (1500-1600 words).

14. Catholic Digest

The Catholic Digest is a way of life site focusing on Catholic families. Pays $100-500.

15. Otherworldliness and Health Magazine

This every other month multi-confidence print magazine makes a special effort not to be “new age-y” and offers savvy pieces on an assortment of points at the crossing point of otherworldliness and wellbeing. Pay fluctuates.

16. Tablet Magazine

Tablet is an every day online magazine of Jewish news, thoughts and culture. It doesn’t acknowledge spontaneous independent feeling pieces. Pay changes.

17. Sojourners

This ecumenical magazine covers the crossing points of governmental issues, confidence and culture. It pays $100-$150 for web pieces.

18. Hevria

Hevria is a scholarly site for a Jewish group of onlookers. Its compensation rates are not revealed.

19. Religion Dispatches

Religion Dispatches offers recent developments and opportune inclusion of religion in American culture and legislative issues. It explicitly challenges “a ultra-preservationist periphery, that welcomes free discourse of religious thoughts once they’ve hit people in general square.” Pay shifts.

20. Grok Nation

Grok Nation is a site begun by on-screen character and neuroscientist Mayim Bialik. The site tries to be a discussion center point for contemporary issues that goads individuals on to positive change. Its tone is “available, relatable and proudly geeky.” Pays around $100 per article.

21. Wowsers Magazine

A quarterly magazine with the slogan “insightful social opposition,” Geez Magazine bases on social-equity issues, and is typically subject based. Holy cow is Christian-inclining however not entirely so. Journalists are paid an “unobtrusive honorarium.”

22. For Her

For Her is a way of life site for Christian ladies. Installment begins at $50 per post.


An outreaching magazine distributed 10 times each year with powerful online substance, Christianity Today is likely the generally broadly perused zealous Christian production. Who Pays Writers has reports of scholars being paid somewhere in the range of two and 17 pennies for every word.

24. Catholic Answers

This is a month to month magazine which clarifies and protects the Catholic confidence. Pays $100-$500 per article.

25. Moxy

Moxy is a month to month print magazine focusing on Christians in Pentecostal or free alluring places of worship and, as per its Writer’s Market posting, other people who are keen on “an appealling restoration” of the congregation. Installment changes.

26. Religion and Politics

Keep running by the John C. Danforth Center on Religion and Politics at Washington University in St. Louis, this site offers political feelings from different confidence customs. One author reports procuring 26 pennies for each word.

27. Washington Post’s Acts of Faith

Demonstrations of Faith is a feeling based segment about contemporary religion in America. Per discussions with specialists, it tends to be an exceptionally troublesome market to break into, yet pays aggressive rates.

28. Fervent Missions Quarterly

This expert diary centers around the teacher life. It pays $25-100 for every piece.

29. Skylines

A magazine for Presbyterian ladies, Horizons looks for meetings, highlight articles and Bible investigation assets. Installment begins at $50 per page contingent upon the time and research included.

30. Leben

This quarterly magazine centers around Christian history from a Reformation point of view. As indicated by the site’s author’s rules, it is “not a religious diary, fundamentally, but instead a prominent history magazine.” It pays five pennies for each word.

31. Liguorian

A Roman Catholic production exhibiting news and reflections on issues applicable to advanced Catholics. Pays 12-15 pennies for every word.

32. The Lookout

The Lookout is a week after week print magazine focusing on Christian grown-ups from a philosophically traditionalist viewpoint. It centers vigorously around Bible-think about devices and reverential reflections. Pays 11 pennies for each word.

33. One

One is an every other month magazine for a Catholic gathering of people with enthusiasm for the Near East, especially its cutting edge religious, social, and political viewpoints. Pays 20 pennies for each word.

34. Stream Region’s Journey Magazine

This is a month to month magazine for Protestant Christians in the Montgomery, Alabama zone. It covers Christian living subjects. Pays $25-50 for every article.

35. Prairie Messenger

This week by week Catholic distribution is distributed by the Benedictine Monks of St. Subside’s Abbey in Saskatchewan, Canada. It has a solid spotlight on ecumenism, social equity, interfaith relations, native issues, expressions, and culture. Pays $70 per article or $30 per ballad.

36. St. Anthony Messenger

St. Anthony Messenger is a month to month Catholic family magazine which intends to enable its perusers to lead all the more completely human and Christian lives. Pay for conclusion pieces, highlight articles, fiction and verse. Pays twenty pennies for every word or $2 per line for verse.

Point is the official magazine of Converge, the Baptist General Conference. It is distributed four times each year covering gathering and denominational news. Pay changes.

38. R. Point Magazine

This month to month production is distributed by Mennomedia, the distributer for the Mennonite Church Canada and Mennonite Church USA. Per its author rules, the production is searching for genuine stories and verse that coordinate its month to month topics. Pays $25-$50 per piece.

39. EFCA Today (Evangelical Free Church of America)

EFCA Today is a quarterly advanced magazine covering denominational news. Pays 23 pennies for each word.

40. Advancement

This is a group explicit production covering church initiative and service news from the General Council of the Assemblies of God. It pays up to 15 pennies for every word.

41. Presbyterians

This every other month magazine covers issues concerning present day Presbyterians. It pays $75-300 for every article.

42. Living Church

This every other week print magazine covers “Anglican Communion news, social examination, and educating.” Pays $25-100 for each piece.

43. Light and Life Magazine

Light and Life is a month to month subject based production from the Free Methodist Church


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