Google AdSense is an advertising program offered by Google to its users to enable them run ads on their blogs, websites, or YouTube videos. When visitors click on the ads, the site or channel owner gets paid. The ads are created from businesses that use the Adwords program run by Google. To open an AdSense account, you only need to fill an online application and an approval notification is sent via email.

How AdSense works ?
This advertising program matches text and displays ads on your site. The ads that appear depend on your content and what your visitors are viewing. Advertisers who want to promote and market their products and services pay Google for the ads, then Google pays you a small percentage of each advertisement payment made.
The AdSense program is one of the ways of making money for blog and website owners. It is free and easy to use, which is probably the reason for its high popularity.

AdSense business accounts vs personal accounts: Which option is better ?

Google AdSense is offered in two types: AdSense Business and AdSense Personal.
According to Google, a personal account can be used by individuals as well as organizations with less than 20 workers. AdSense personal account is great for a user who is just getting started trying to make money online. There is no need to run paid ads or learn complicated traffic strategies. You just need to create content regularly and Google will do the rest. It will take care of ad creation and then display the ads based on your traffic.
AdSense business accounts are for organizations with more than 20 workers. It is one of the best passive ways of making money for
Managing a business account successfully involves maintaining a network of affiliates. As a business, you need to network with other businesses and make them affiliates so that you can earn from sales made by your network. Affiliates introduce other advertisers to you in order to promote various offers.

With many affiliates, you never have to worry about content because Google will find something for your visitors.

Can you change your account type ?
When signing up for AdSense, you are prompted to choose the type of account. Your needs will determine which plan is more fitting: AdSense business accounts vs personal account. After activating your account, you cannot change the type again unless you cancel your existing AdSense account.

One of the drawbacks of Google AdSense business model is that you have to drive a lot of traffic to make considerable income. You also have to be careful about the affiliates you partner with as well as how you manage your website. This is because Google has the right to terminate any account.

Difference between AdSense business and AdSense personal account
The services and payment structure for both types of accounts are similar. However, business account payments are made to company name while payments for individual accounts are made to the payee name of the holder. It’s important that you input accurate information about your company (for business accounts) or personal financial details (for individual accounts).

There is no better account between AdSense Business and AdSense Personal. You choose the one that fits your needs. It’s noteworthy that a company cannot use a personal account but an individual anticipating to have a growing business can sign up for a business account even with fewer than 20 workers.



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