Electronic Arts, Inc, the American manufacturer and developer of electronic games for PCs, video game consoles, scraped the untitled open world Star War project. The project was in the development stage in the company’s Studio located in Vancouver.

About the Star Wars Project

Codenamed Ragtag, the untitled Star War project was taken care by Amy Hennig, creative director and Jad Raymond head of EA Motive studio.

The game is said to be bad on the story with linear adventure on the mode of uncharted adventure game series of Naughty Dog. Henning worked on this project in the past.

Today, EA under scrutiny like never before. Its stock price has plummeted following the news of scrapping of Star Wars project. And, the reason was Battlefield 5 was also didn’t fare well.

Maybe that’s why the company is releasing Apex Legends. Apex Legends is a free battle shooter’s game.

Until recently, the company had a clear goal. In February, the Anthem was going to be released and an important update of Battlefield 5 was also in the offing to be released in March.

Apex Legends turned everything upside down

To start with, the feedback on the new game was positive. It got over a million players to login in the first eight hours. The number reached 2.5 million during the initial 24 hours. And, within the following three days, it reached 10 million.

Apex Legends was a great success because of the streamers like Dr Disrespect and Shroud who played the game.

How ill fate struck EA?

During the day, a game can have many hours being played. Players will have a limited number of hours to play as shooters. EA was struggling to get a larger chunk of the competition. This, it was doing by launching two games that intended to attract audiences from the same lot who were watching release.

Apex Legends is one of the great gimmicks by EA. AAA is a free battle royale game and involves considerable risk even though it’s a product of renowned studio like Respawn. Apex Legends could have been able to be more popular if it was planned and publicized effectively.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was a great hit in 2017 and Apex Legends benefited from it. It was a rare opportunity to make fame in a domain that was assuming significance rather slowly.

And, Battle Royale stayed in the cold storage because marketers have stayed away from it. Finally, the executives agreed to realize that Fortnite was taking up the sales of traditional games. It was within three months after Epic’s launch iOS.

It’s a matter of common experience that the audience is more loyal to a particular type of games. Thus, Apex seems to have taken Battlefield 5’s sales.

EA’s hopeful

EA is trying better content in both Apex Legends and Anthem leading to audiences to move between the two. At the same time, the company is also trying to keep the audience’s interest in Battlefield 5 alive. Along with this, taking additional measures will be significant for the company to take care of the profitability of the games in the long run.

As EA’s stock gains value, the company is gradually moving ahead. But if publishers are not interested, the company will be ignoring profitable BioWare for Respawn.


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