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Apex Legends’ of Battle Royale – Free Coins


Electronic Arts, Inc, the American manufacturer and developer of electronic games for PCs, video game consoles, scraped the untitled open world Star War project. The project was in the development stage in the company’s Studio located in Vancouver.

About the Star Wars Project

Codenamed Ragtag, the untitled Star War project was taken care by Amy Hennig, creative director and Jad Raymond head of EA Motive studio.

The game is said to be bad on the story with linear adventure on the mode of uncharted adventure game series of Naughty Dog. Henning worked on this project in the past.

Today, EA under scrutiny like never before. Its stock price has plummeted following the news of scrapping of Star Wars project. And, the reason was Battlefield 5 was also didn’t fare well.

Maybe that’s why the company is releasing Apex Legends. Apex Legends is a free battle shooter’s game.

Until recently, the company had a clear goal. In February, the Anthem was going to be released and an important update of Battlefield 5 was also in the offing to be released in March.

Apex Legends turned everything upside down

To start with, the feedback on the new game was positive. It got over a million players to login in the first eight hours. The number reached 2.5 million during the initial 24 hours. And, within the following three days, it reached 10 million.

Apex Legends was a great success because of the streamers like Dr Disrespect and Shroud who played the game.

How ill fate struck EA?

During the day, a game can have many hours being played. Players will have a limited number of hours to play as shooters. EA was struggling to get a larger chunk of the competition. This, it was doing by launching two games that intended to attract audiences from the same lot who were watching release.

Apex Legends is one of the great gimmicks by EA. AAA is a free battle royale game and involves considerable risk even though it’s a product of renowned studio like Respawn. Apex Legends could have been able to be more popular if it was planned and publicized effectively.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was a great hit in 2017 and Apex Legends benefited from it. It was a rare opportunity to make fame in a domain that was assuming significance rather slowly.

And, Battle Royale stayed in the cold storage because marketers have stayed away from it. Finally, the executives agreed to realize that Fortnite was taking up the sales of traditional games. It was within three months after Epic’s launch iOS.

It’s a matter of common experience that the audience is more loyal to a particular type of games. Thus, Apex seems to have taken Battlefield 5’s sales.

EA’s hopeful

EA is trying better content in both Apex Legends and Anthem leading to audiences to move between the two. At the same time, the company is also trying to keep the audience’s interest in Battlefield 5 alive. Along with this, taking additional measures will be significant for the company to take care of the profitability of the games in the long run.

As EA’s stock gains value, the company is gradually moving ahead. But if publishers are not interested, the company will be ignoring profitable BioWare for Respawn.

Instant Games for Facebook


Facebook : the busiest social site
world wide : has taken some more steps to get people more connected on its platform.
Facebook : in 2016;has launched instant games platform to get its work done. Users
can play over thousands free games online with their friends and get recreated.
Instant Games users can play games in the News Feed or Messenger conversations directly.
Games Types : Here are variety of games you may play using Instant Games id. These games include puzzle games; card games;
action games; IQ test games and many more. In short this platform offers to its
users a big variety of games according to their likeness.

Previews of the Users : Since the opening of instant games
platform; it remained very busy here. The encouraging growth of the instant games
users showed the popularity of that platform among facebook users worldwide. And
thus their are so much positive reviews of the instant games by their users.

Actually the facebook has launched its game instant platform in such a way that people are able to develop their
own instant games on the facebook and they can share them to their friends or
offer them to play with them online.

How to Use Game Instant Platform ?
These games are basically powered by HTML5 technology that can make these games to play both on facebook as well as the messenger. There are two types of games you will be able to play online with your friends. The games that may be developed by other users from the same
platform and offered to you to play with them. The other games that you may play will be that are developed by yourself. In addition; you don’t need to download any other app from the Google or Apple’s app store to develop your own game. Instant Games platform allow you to develop the games here on its own platform.
Here are some basic steps for the training of the new developers of the Instant Games that must be taken in order to their
game.1st of all you will have to create a new app for your Instant Game.
If you want to get your developed Instant Games accessible to everyone; add all of them as Administrators;Developers or
Testers of the App in the App Dashboard .Finding the Instant Games on the list and clicking the start button will add an Instant Games section to the menu.

The moment when your game gets developed : testing and uploading of the game is required. To do so;package all game files into a single zip
file. And now upload it to the app dashboard. Here you will be able to upload
it to the facebook’s hosting service. After that the step you will have to take
is just context updates and setting up your bot. A number of courses
are available online to help you get your work done.

Reasons to Play Instant Games on Facebook :

Here are a number of benefits for the users of the Instant Games platform; and numerous reasons to do so only
here; some of these reasons are listed down.

Easy Socializing: The people who are good game developers may take this step by the Facebook much beneficial to their work.
They no need of socializing their developed among tge people. Facebook; the world’s largest social site;helps them
alot to get their game app popular among people.

Messenger users on the instant games platform are no need to get a game app from the certain store and then play. They having already
a messenger account will be able play a number of games whenever they want.

Online conversation among the different players via messenger is also very recreational step by the instant games platform. The people may
invite their friends to play a game with them while talking on messenger as

All these features qualities of the instant games on facebook are valid reasons to develop the games there; play
them there and share with friends also.

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Free V-Buck for Fortnite


Today, we are going to talk about Fortnite and telling you what this is? This article does not belong to people who already play the game but it’s useful to share
with friends and family that have no idea what Fortnite is? In a nutshell, Fortnite is a third-person shooter video game available on all consoles, including mobile version.

Fortnite was developed by Epic Games and the company people can fly and was released in late 2017. On a story level, you play as a survivor in the zombie-like
apocalypse and you must gather resources and build forts, alongside other players. This fort-building mechanic is really what makes this game unique, with the ability to build(and destroy) most things in the game world.

This allows to creativity, including building massive ramps and ladders to cross the entire map of the game. You can also straight up fight these zombies, called
husks in the game, by collecting weapons and ammo. When the game was first launched, the default mode was called Save the World, where you can play in a four-person team and you must stop waves of husks, by storing up resources and building up your fort.

This cost as much as a normal video game would, however a new mode to the game was released and this mode was stand alone and was free to download, called Battle Royale. This mode features 100 players in a match, where you can either play solo or in groups of up to four people, and you now face off against other real
people, utilizing your shooting and fort-building skills to be the last ones standing. As the match progresses, you must stay inside a giant circle that is slowly
shrinking. So, that you can’t just hide on the fringes and expect to win the game.

Again, the Battle Royale mode is free to download and is available on PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and is even available for free on iOS devices. They connect to
each other, so you might be on your phone playing against someone on their PS4. While it is free to download, there are optional things you can buy with real world money. Mostly including character models so that your character stands out and emotes, so that your character can dance or show-off in the most interesting way.

Epic games had to earn money from the game somehow. Then, they come up with and idea of Fortnite V-Bucks. It is a virtual currency in which you can get a collection of trendy cosmetics in return for real money. However, you can’t spend your digital money on anything that gives you an advantage. These trendy items are totally for appearance purposes.

Epic’s virtual currency can be bought with real money, but how do you get free V-Bucks? There are a few ways to do this. You can download this super cool app:
VBucks fullQuiz For Fortnite. This app asks question to users and checks how much knowledge you have about the game fortnite. Users can install the app and can take quiz and get vbucks for free. This application has quizzes and it allows users that play fortnite to test their knowledge on the game’s history. Just for information, you don’t need a fortnite account, however for few features of this application internet connection is required.

Link of the application : https://itunes.apple.com/bs/app/vbucks-fullquiz-for-fortnite/id1445323490

How To Make Money With micro niche


One of the best ways for an entrepreneur to create a relatively consistent passive income stream is to create micro niche blog sites. Not only can niche sites be monetized in numerous ways, they are often fun to create when an individual concentrates on a topic he is passionate about. To understand how to make money with niche sites, let’s discuss the premise of this business concept and the steps that need to be taken to create them.

For anyone unfamiliar with niche sites, they are basically small to mid-sized websites that focus on a particular subject. In most cases, they aren’t authority sites and are only geared toward a relatively small segment of the population. They can encompass nearly any topic and are designed to provide people with specific information that pertains to each individual niche. For example, a website could be based around camping and feature areas to go camping and outdoor supplies.

Typically, the first step that’s required to make a niche site is brainstorming to come up with a topic an individual is interested in. While it’s not a necessity to be familiar with the subject, it helps because a person will be more inclined to consistently create content and not lose steam. Once he has determined what the topic will be, it’s important to do keyword research to find a name for the website.

The goal is to find targeted keywords that have minimal competition and the maximum amount of natural searches. This can be done for free by using the Google Keyword Tool or on another keyword research tool. Once a name for the website has been found, a person needs to use that for the domain name. While it’s ideal to pay for hosting and get one’s own domain, it’s also possible to use a free platform like Blogger.

Afterward, a person must create the website and include at least 15 posts that talk about the niche subject in depth. Keep in mind the more posts one creates, the better odds he has of getting indexed by search engines and getting traffic. Once the core of the niche site has been created, a person will need to monetize it in order to make money.

This can be done in a variety of ways with ads from Google adsense being of the most common. Basically, a person will create an account and these programs will display relevant ads on his niche site. Another form of monetization is affiliate marketing through companies like Amazon, Clickbank or Commission Junction. For this technique, affiliate products are sold via affiliate links where the niche site owner receives a commission for each product sold through his website.

After a niche site has been created and monetized, the only thing left to do is marketing. This can include many strategies, but social media tends to be one of the most effective. For example, a person could create accounts on websites like Facebook and Twitter where he networks with relevant individuals in his industry to bring traffic to his niche site. He could also comment on other blogs or do any other marketing strategies he thinks will bring traffic. In time, a person should make money for his efforts and will continue to make money long after he has completed his site.