Today, we are going to talk about Fortnite and telling you what this is? This article does not belong to people who already play the game but it’s useful to share
with friends and family that have no idea what Fortnite is? In a nutshell, Fortnite is a third-person shooter video game available on all consoles, including mobile version.

Fortnite was developed by Epic Games and the company people can fly and was released in late 2017. On a story level, you play as a survivor in the zombie-like
apocalypse and you must gather resources and build forts, alongside other players. This fort-building mechanic is really what makes this game unique, with the ability to build(and destroy) most things in the game world.

This allows to creativity, including building massive ramps and ladders to cross the entire map of the game. You can also straight up fight these zombies, called
husks in the game, by collecting weapons and ammo. When the game was first launched, the default mode was called Save the World, where you can play in a four-person team and you must stop waves of husks, by storing up resources and building up your fort.

This cost as much as a normal video game would, however a new mode to the game was released and this mode was stand alone and was free to download, called Battle Royale. This mode features 100 players in a match, where you can either play solo or in groups of up to four people, and you now face off against other real
people, utilizing your shooting and fort-building skills to be the last ones standing. As the match progresses, you must stay inside a giant circle that is slowly
shrinking. So, that you can’t just hide on the fringes and expect to win the game.

Again, the Battle Royale mode is free to download and is available on PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and is even available for free on iOS devices. They connect to
each other, so you might be on your phone playing against someone on their PS4. While it is free to download, there are optional things you can buy with real world money. Mostly including character models so that your character stands out and emotes, so that your character can dance or show-off in the most interesting way.

Epic games had to earn money from the game somehow. Then, they come up with and idea of Fortnite V-Bucks. It is a virtual currency in which you can get a collection of trendy cosmetics in return for real money. However, you can’t spend your digital money on anything that gives you an advantage. These trendy items are totally for appearance purposes.

Epic’s virtual currency can be bought with real money, but how do you get free V-Bucks? There are a few ways to do this. You can download this super cool app:
VBucks fullQuiz For Fortnite. This app asks question to users and checks how much knowledge you have about the game fortnite. Users can install the app and can take quiz and get vbucks for free. This application has quizzes and it allows users that play fortnite to test their knowledge on the game’s history. Just for information, you don’t need a fortnite account, however for few features of this application internet connection is required.

Link of the application :


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