One of the best ways for an entrepreneur to create a relatively consistent passive income stream is to create micro niche blog sites. Not only can niche sites be monetized in numerous ways, they are often fun to create when an individual concentrates on a topic he is passionate about. To understand how to make money with niche sites, let’s discuss the premise of this business concept and the steps that need to be taken to create them.

For anyone unfamiliar with niche sites, they are basically small to mid-sized websites that focus on a particular subject. In most cases, they aren’t authority sites and are only geared toward a relatively small segment of the population. They can encompass nearly any topic and are designed to provide people with specific information that pertains to each individual niche. For example, a website could be based around camping and feature areas to go camping and outdoor supplies.

Typically, the first step that’s required to make a niche site is brainstorming to come up with a topic an individual is interested in. While it’s not a necessity to be familiar with the subject, it helps because a person will be more inclined to consistently create content and not lose steam. Once he has determined what the topic will be, it’s important to do keyword research to find a name for the website.

The goal is to find targeted keywords that have minimal competition and the maximum amount of natural searches. This can be done for free by using the Google Keyword Tool or on another keyword research tool. Once a name for the website has been found, a person needs to use that for the domain name. While it’s ideal to pay for hosting and get one’s own domain, it’s also possible to use a free platform like Blogger.

Afterward, a person must create the website and include at least 15 posts that talk about the niche subject in depth. Keep in mind the more posts one creates, the better odds he has of getting indexed by search engines and getting traffic. Once the core of the niche site has been created, a person will need to monetize it in order to make money.

This can be done in a variety of ways with ads from Google adsense being of the most common. Basically, a person will create an account and these programs will display relevant ads on his niche site. Another form of monetization is affiliate marketing through companies like Amazon, Clickbank or Commission Junction. For this technique, affiliate products are sold via affiliate links where the niche site owner receives a commission for each product sold through his website.

After a niche site has been created and monetized, the only thing left to do is marketing. This can include many strategies, but social media tends to be one of the most effective. For example, a person could create accounts on websites like Facebook and Twitter where he networks with relevant individuals in his industry to bring traffic to his niche site. He could also comment on other blogs or do any other marketing strategies he thinks will bring traffic. In time, a person should make money for his efforts and will continue to make money long after he has completed his site.



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