Netflix, Redbox and Mobdro TV: Three Awesome Apps for You Watching Needs

The technology advancement has touched all sectors in the world. Today through mobile gadget technology you can easily watch music clips, videos, and movies. According to a survey by TCL conducted by IPSOS, the majority of Americans steam content on their TV by connecting a smart device on their TV or directly through apps on their TV. Numerous apps are streamed on TV.
In this article, we will focus on three apps which provide an exhilarating watching experience. The apps are Mobdro TV, Netflix, Redbox.

Mobdro allows you to find and enjoy free video streams online on your tablet or android phone. It constantly searches for the best videos on the web and avails them on your device. You can easily find video streams from around the globe in every language and on every topic. The best part is that you can share your favorite videos with your friend in one click.
Additionally, you can organize and filter your streams by topic or language. One of the best features of Mobdro is that you can download your favorite stream and watch offline later, anytime, anywhere. What makes Mobdro be a top of the list TV app is that you can watch the videos absolutely free. You can, however, opt for a paid premium version. The videos and TV shows are in HD and come from a legal source. You can connect your gadget and TV app with smart TV.
Netflix According to the study by TCL, 73% of American app users stream Netflix on their TV. Netflix is the most popular TV app to both the millennial and the Gen-X population. This app allows you to watch TV shows, series and documentaries in 4K Ultra HD. In addition, you can download your favorite movies and series simply though a download button. Netflix is an ideal app to instantly watch movies and TV shows through thousand of interconnected devices. The best part is that you can play, pause and resume watching the videos without commercials. It gets better the more you watch because Netflix will recommend movies and shows you will love. Netflix also offers you an opportunity to personalize your Netflix experience. Essentially, you can create five individual profiles within the same Netflix account. Netflix gives you a whole month free trial.

Redbox TV is an app allows you to stream movies online and get physical DVD. It is a Live app that has hundreds of channels and video categories from across the world. The most interesting thing with RedBox is that you only have to pay for what you choose to watch. You need a subscription to stream. Redbox also has a unique Redbox On Demand service which is a video streaming service. This service lets you rent and buy TV shows and movies that you can watch at home. Redbox allows you to find shows and movies to buy and rent. Conclusion
Video watching apps have made it easy and convenient to watch TV shows, videos and movies anytime, anywhere. Netflix is one of the renowned video streaming apps. Both Netflix and Redbox offer paid services. However, while Netflix has a monthly subscription, Redbox allows you to watch a TV show and movies that you want to pay for. On the other hand, Mobdro offers free services. Conclusively all these apps are ideal for movies, Videos and TV shows enthusiastic.




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