Roblox is a kind of a gaming platform that gives players a chance to play and earn Robux over the internet. The game involves many players. Apart from being a player in the game, individuals get a chance of creating more games using different systems. Roblox Corporation is known to be behind this game and was started in 2006. Today, the game has millions of players who spend their time playing and earning Robux online.

Robux refers to a type of a digital currency that is used online and more so in Roblox. The currency can be converted into real money. It is primarily used as a mode of payment in Roblox game. Robux can be earned in different ways when in the Roblox platform.

Ways of Earning Robux

Robux can be obtained in a variety of ways. They include the following;

1) Direct Purchases

One can obtain Robux through direct purchases. Here, you are supposed to use real money to get an award of several Robux to use in the Roblox. For instance, if you spend $4.95 you will get R$400. Similarly, spending $9.95 grants you R$800. All the purchases are done on the Robux page.

2) Bonuses

Robux can also be earned through bonuses. A Robux of R5 will be added to you every time you log in your account. The bonus is awarded on daily basis.

3) Award Due to Traffic

You can also obtain a lot of Robux if your place or site gets many visitors. This is an award of Robux based on the number of people visiting your site at a particular time.

4) Stipend

You can also earn yourself stipend by joining a cub. Members of a Builders Club will be awarded stipends on daily basis simply because of their membership making their accounts larger.

5) Selling Content

You can also earn Robux by selling content on the Robux page. This refers to the player-created content.

6) Develop Games

You can also earn extra Robux by developing a game. This requires creativity and persistence as you must create a game that is exciting to play online to get the pay.

7) Selling Items

It is interesting to note that you can also earn Robux by selling items like t-shirts, pants, and shirts to other players. The players use the items to make their Roblox character personal on the platform.

Conversion of Robux to Real Money

People have been very curious to know if the conversion is possible. The answer is short and simple-Yes, the conversion is possible and people have earned real cash in the Roblox platform through micro transactions.

There are several apps and Windows software to do the conversion before cashing out the money. The Robux is converted to US dollars and then cashed out. For 40 Robux in your account, you will receive $0.49 while you will receive $0.99 for 80 Robux. 160 Robux earns you $1.66 while 240 Robux earns you a good $2.99. It all depends on the number of Robux you have in your Roblox account.

but how do you get free Robux ? There are a few ways to do this. You can download this super cool app:
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Link of the application :

People are undoubtedly making real money on the platform. It is a time to give it a trial if you are talented in developing mobile games.



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